Can you melt a Cadbury’s Flake?

If you want to eat a chocolate bar on a hot day, a Cadbury’s Flake is a good choice! We tried REALLY hard to melt one and couldn’t do anything more than slightly soften it.

How can you melt a Cadbury’s flake?

Place it in a bowl over simmering water.

Didn’t work.

Heat it in a pan.

This didn’t work, even when we crushed it into little bits.

Put it in a hot oven

I confess to forgetting about this one until the burning smell reached my nose. It burned but didn’t melt…

Microwave it

Still didn’t melt.

Why doesn’t a Cadbury’s Flake melt?

According to Science Focus, the arrangement of fat and cocoa solids in a flake is different from normal milk chocolate, so the melting fat cannot lubricate the cocoa and make it flow.

Now you know why we use flakes in ice creams. The ice cream will melt in the sun, but not the flake.

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