FREE Famous Scientist Bookmarks

Inspire kids of all ages with these famous scientist bookmarks. Find out about the achievements, discoveries and difficulties of some of the most inspirational scientists in history. Lots more scientists coming soon! Famous Scientist Bookmarks Female Physicist Bookmarks Female Physicist Bookmarks Last Updated on June 4, 2024 by Emma Vanstone The post FREE Famous Scientist […]

20 AWESOME Outdoor Science Experiments for Kids

When I asked parents what put them off doing science experiments at home, one of the reasons was the mess, which, after many a gloop covered kitchen floor, I can definitely empathise with. So today, I’m sharing fun outdoor science experiments that make it much easier to clean up afterwards. Awesome Outdoor Science Experiments for Kids […]

10 Science Experiments Using Salt for Home and School

Salt is a brilliant, versatile and inexpensive ingredient for science at home. It can be used to cool a drink or make ice cream quickly, for a lava lamp, and to make coloured salt crystals. Salt is an interesting substance as it lowers the freezing point of water, leading to lots of exciting science experiments! […]

Does an ice cube melt faster in freshwater or saltwater?

This simple science demonstration uses only a few basic materials but demonstrates several scientific concepts and looks super impressive. Showing children the end result first is a great way to get them to start questioning and thinking about what’s happening and why. There are two different things children can observe with this activity. How fast […]

Does salty water freeze? Science Investigation

Freshwater freezes at 0°C. The presence of salt lowers the freezing point, and the higher the salt content in the water, the lower the freezing point gets. This is why salt is often used to grit icy roads in winter. It slows down water freezing on roads, making driving safer. Seawater contains salt. It will […]

50 Easy Summer Science Experiments for Kids

Summer is a brilliant time to explore science outdoors with children. You don’t have to set up fancy experiments, even just looking at properties of plants and leaves or testing to see if different items sink or float in a paddling pool is great simple science for little ones. Older children will love building bottle […]

How to Make a Möbius Strip

The Möbius strip has fascinated scientists and mathematicians since its discovery in 1858. It’s a one-sided, non-orientable surface that can be made by twisting two ends of a strip of paper. A Möbius strip can be any band with an odd number of half twists, meaning it has one edge. It’s very easy to make […]

Transpiration Experiment – Colour Changing Flowers

Do you know you can change the colour of white flowers by placing them in a pot of food colouring and water? This easy colour-changing flower science experiment is great for learning about transpiration and transport in plants. Easy Transpiration Experiment How to make colour-changing flowers You’ll need White flowers Food colouring – we’ve found […]

Dissect a Flower STEM Challenge

Find out how to dissect flowers and learn about their structure with this simple hands-on dissection activity and other exciting plant experiments for kids. Dissecting a flower is a great way to visually show the different parts of a flower, which can be hard to picture from a diagram in a book. What you need […]

Create a Candle Carousel

Candle carousels date back to the 1800s and originated in Germany. They are thought to have been inspired by windmills. Early versions were very simple, but over time, they became more elaborate with multiple tiers. Today, candle carousels are found around the world as decorations. The basic structure of a candle carousel is a central […]