Christmas Print and Play Book – Festive Paper Science Experiments

My Christmas print and play mini book is free and contains six easy Christmas science experiments that use mostly just the paper they are printed on ( and maybe some glue, scissors and tape ).

Print, experiment and then recycle the waste!

The activities are almost mess-free with easy-to-follow instructions.

If paper-based investigations aren’t quite what you’re looking for, I have lots more easy Christmas science experiments to try!

1. Spinning Sleighs

Use the paper template to make three spinning sleighs. Attach a paperclip to the end of each one and drop from different heights, or add extra weight to see how it affects how fast they fall to the ground.

Another idea is to make bigger or smaller spinners and investigate how the size of the spinner affects how fast or slow they fall and spin.

2. Magic Opening Holly

Cut out the holly and fold up the holly leaves. Place the folded holly carefully on a plate or tray of water and watch as the holly leaves spring open to reveal the berries. This simple science trick works because the paper is made up of fibres which expand as they absorb water.

Head over to my magic opening flowers activity for a full explanation of the science behind paper opening in water.

3. Christmas Tree Shadow Puppet

Cut out the Christmas tree shape and make fun festive shadows on the wall. You’ll need a torch or light source for this one. Try moving the torch towards the shadow puppet tree and then further away to investigate what happens to the shadow.

4. How many Christmas books?

This simple investigation identifies which shape column can hold the most Christmas books. The download contains templates for creating each shape, making this paper column experiment even easier!

5. Gravy Races

The template for this activity forms a mini ramp so you can race your favourite Christmas sauces! Gravy, apple sauce and cranberry sauce all work really well.

This kind of viscosity race is always fun and can be done on a large scale, as well as this mini version.

Remember, thicker ( more viscous ) liquids flow more slowly.


The idea of this activity is to move the maze so water reaches the reindeer without crossing the lines.

This can also be done with other liquids, such as syrup. Thicker liquids should be easier to move through the maze!

7. Recycle

Don’t forget to recycle the leftover paper when you’re finished.

Grab the print-and-play Christmas science book and get started!

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