Collapsing Bottle – Air Pressure Experiment

This collapsing bottle air pressure experiment is also a fun science trick! The bottle collapses without anyone pushing or pulling it.

Adult supervision is needed for this activity, as hot water is used

You’ll need

Hot water – ask an adult to help

A plastic bottle with a lid – different size bottles are good to compare

Oven or heatproof glove


Remove the lid from the bottle. Carefully pour hot water into the bottle until it’s about two-thirds full.

Using a heatproof glove, carefully swirl the water around the bottle.

Empty the hot water out of the bottle and quickly replace the lid.

Watch as the bottle collapses in on itself.

Experiment with different sizes and shapes of bottles.

Plastic bottle that has collapsed as part of an air pressure demonstration

Why does the bottle collapse?

The hot water gives the air inside the bottle energy, allowing the particles to move around more, increasing the pressure inside the bottle. As soon as the hot water is removed from the bottle, the air particles start to cool and lose energy. This reduces the pressure inside the bottle to less than outside the bottle. Air pressing on the outside makes the bottle collapse.

More air pressure experiments for kids

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Finally, learn about the Bernoulli Principle with a plastic bottle and rolled-up ball of paper.

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