Easy Push and Pull Puppets

These simple push and pull puppets are a great science craft and work well as a STEM challenge for a push and pull or forces topic.

The idea is that the arms of the puppet move up and down as the central straws are pushed up and pulled down.

Pushes and pulls are examples of forces. Pushes and pulls can make objects move, stop them moving, speed them up, slow them down or change their shape.

Push and Pull Puppets

The puppets are easy to make, but young children may need help making the holes in the cup and then threading the straws through the holes.

You’ll need

Paper cup

Three paper straws



Decorations template – optional


Tape the three straws together in a row about one-third of the way up.

Carefully pierce a hole in the middle of the bottom of the cup. The straw needs to be able to fit through the hole.

Make two more holes, one on each side of the cup about one-quarter from the bottom.

Bend the edge straws about halfway down.

Carefully push the straws up through the cup, pushing them through the holes.

Now you have a basic push and pull puppet toy. Add a head to the top straw and hands to the two arms! Use my template, or draw your own!

Gently pull and push the straws to make the arms and head of the puppet move up and down.

More ideas for learning about push and pull forces

Straw rockets are a great demonstration of a push force making an object move. You blow down the straw, and the force of the air makes the rocket fly.

A stomp rocket is another example of a push force.

Create a venn diagram of push and pull forces.

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