Five Science Experiments You Can do With A Smartphone

A smartphone is a great tool for science experiments with or without special apps. Make the most of your phone with these five science experiments you can do with a smartphone.

Use your smartphone for science

Make a smartphone speaker

Imagine you’re in the park having a picnic and fancy playing some music. What can you do? Grab a cardboard tube and two paper or plastic cups, and you’ve got a mini DIY phone speaker!

Make sure the ends of the tube are inside the cups, and carefully cut a slot for your phone.

Experiment with different sizes and material tubes and cups to investigate how the sound changes.

Conduct a heart rate investigation

Use the stopwatch on your phone to conduct a simple heart rate investigation.

Make a DIY projector

Use your phone to make a projector. This would be a great class STEM challenge or a fun end to a science party.

Contribute to scientific research around the world

Download a Citizen Science app and contribute to science projects around the world. Track birds, monitor water quality and lots more!

Turn your phone into a microscope

With the addition of a small microscope camera attachment you can turn your phone into a microscope!

Explore the sky with your phone

Become a backyard astronaut with an app that allows you to explore the night sky. The Night Sky app is a good place to start.

Let me know if you have any other ideas for science with a phone!

Last Updated on May 15, 2023 by Emma Vanstone

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