FREE Printable Halloween Science Experiments for Kids

Get ready for the spooky season with these FREE printable Halloween science experiments. Make spooky potions, an erupting lava lamp, eerie optical illusions and lots more creepy science for kids!

Don’t forget my new book Gross Science, is also available to order! Gross Science is full of gruesome science experiments and investigations perfect for this time of year.

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Printable Halloween Science Experiments

These can be printed individually, or you can find the full booklet containing all the activities at the end of this post.

Fizzy potions

Create your own spooky, fizzy potion. This is even better if you go for a walk to find a great stirring stick first! I also have a blank version of the recipe so children can write their own potion recipe for Halloween.

Optical Illusion

Optical illusions are a great activity for any time of year, but these pumpkin illusions are my favourites.

Density Jar – FREE Halloween Science Experiment Printable

To keep this Halloween density jar simple, just use water and cheap cooking oil then try to find a spooky object to float on each layer.

Pumpkin Lava Lamp

These Halloween lava lamps make a brilliant window decoration and can be used over and over again. They are also a great way to learn about density and chemical reactions.

Blow up a (Balloon) Pumpkin

Blowing up a pumpkin balloon is a great science investigation as you can experiment with different amounts of baking/soda and vinegar, use yeast and warm water or even an effervescent vitamin tablet.

Get them all!! – FREE Halloween Science Experiment Booklet

Halloween Crafts for Kids

After you’ve finished experimenting, try some of these simple Halloween crafts.

Crafts on Sea has a beautiful pumpkin suncatcher.

Red Ted Art has some super cute origami bats.

These Frankenstein paper plates are lovely from Simple Everyday Mom.

Can you think of any more Halloween activities for us?

If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, check out my complete list of Halloween science experiments for kids!

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