Love Bug Drawing Robot

This cute love bug is a great Valentine’s Day STEM Challenge or fun science craft for any time of year. The cork on the motor spins around making the cup vibrate and move around. As it moves, the felt tip pens make a mark on the surface below.

Art-bots can also be made with a small pringles can or any other small, light container.

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Love Bug Drawing Robot

How to make a love bug drawing robot

You’ll need

Small motor 1.5 -3 V and motor holder

Thick elastic band 2 in x ½ in or battery holder for the battery

Elastic band to hold the pens in place

AA Battery


Paper cup


Three felt tip pens.

Two leads


Felt tip pens

Roll of paper

Strong double-sided tape or a glue gun

Drawing robot instructions

Decorate the cup with decorations.

Attach the three pens to the side of the cup with double-sided tape and fix them in place with an elastic band. Remember to leave space for the cork to spin freely.

If using a battery holder with wires attached, stick this to the top of the paper cup using double-sided tape. If using an elastic band, stick the battery to the top of the cup directly and place the elastic band securely over the top of the pens.

Fix the motor holder to the top of the cup as close to the edge as possible, and place the motor inside.

Attach the wires from the battery pack to the motor and check the motor turns. Disconnect the battery again.

Carefully place the cork on the end of the motor.

Remove the lids from the felt tip pens and place the drawing robot on a large sheet of paper.

Attach the wires from the battery pack to the motor and watch as the robot draws on the paper!

Another way to make a simple drawing robot is to use a little brush and attach a felt tip pen to one end. I used a very soft baby brush which worked well, but it’s also fun to experiment with different shapes and sizes of brushes!

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