Magnetic Ghosts – Halloween Science Activity

Our big magnet wands are one of our most used bits of science kit. I used them today to make a ghost themed simple magnet demonstration for Halloween.

This is a great first magnet activity for preschool-age children and can be themed in lots of different ways.

You’ll need

Felt tip pens

White card

Black card

Magnet wand


Googly eyes


How to make a magnet ghost

Cut out a large ghost shape from the white card.

Cut out a smaller ghost from the black card.

Add googly eyes or decorations.

Place a paperclip on the smaller ghost.

Use the magnet wand to move the small ghost around the large ghost.

Find out more

Read more about magnets and magnetism.

Make magnet powered cars. We like to draw big tracks and have races with the cars.

Try one of my other easy magnet science activities for kids. One of our favourite magnet challenges is to use magnetism to defy gravity!

If you’re looking for more Halloween themed science activities I have lots more ideas, including pumpkin lava lamps, fake blood recipes and a spooky noise maker.

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