Noisy Chick Paper Cup

This cute clucking chick is easy to make and makes a great chicken type noise.

The noisy chick cup can be turned into an investigation by experimenting with paper and plastic cups to discover how the noise changes.

You’ll need

A plastic or paper cup



Googly eyes


Thick tissue or paper towel



Carefully use a pencil to make a small hole in the bottom of the cup.

Thread the ribbon through the hole and tie a small knot at the end. The ribbon should be about 30 cm longer than the end of the cup.

Attach the paperclip to the ribbon so it rests on the bottom of the cup ( top of the chick ).

Decorate the cup to look like a chick.

Wet a small paper towel.

Fold the paper towel round the ribbon and pull down!

It should make a noise a bit like a clucking chick.

Why does it make a noise?

The cup acts like a soundboard. Try rubbing the paper towel down the ribbon without the cup attached. There’s no noise. The cup amplifies the vibrations created by the movement of the paper towel down the ribbon, making a clucking chick noise!

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