Push and Pull Play Dough Animals

These simple play dough animals are great for a push and pull or forces topic.

The idea is that children create animals from play dough or other modelling material using push and pull forces.

You’ll need

Play dough


Follow my simple instructions or create your own play dough animals using push and pull forces.

As an extension task, twists, squashes, and other movements can be added.

This activity encourages children to:

Learn that pushes and pulls are examples of forces.

Use and explore vocabulary such as – push, pull, bend, squash, twist

Manipulate materials

Work as a team

Science concepts


Push and pull forces

More science activities about forces

My push and pull puppets are another fun way to learn about push and pull forces.

Make a push and pull venn diagram.

Learn about forces with a DIY stomp rocket.

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